Which crypto is best

Its a trick question, there isn't a best one. However, there are some very promising ones that we'll outline below. There's no way to know for sure which projects will succeed in the future and which ones will fail. With that said, we do have a personal favorite; one that we've been supporting since the beginning. Allow us to introduce you to the future, the key to the internet of things, the protocol that will connect us to the natural logarithm of life itself, IOTA.

The IOTA Project

Firstly, we are not affiliated with this project in anyway, just huge fans of the team and their vision. The IOTA Foundation is a non profit organization in Germany dedicated to bringing mass adoption to the platform. It stands for “Internet of Things Applications” and aims to usher us into what many would call the 4th industrial revolution. Unlike other blockchain currencies, IOTA does not have a fee associated with the transaction. This allows micro payments to be made, in real time. It'll be like refuelling your car and paying for every drop individually as it's withdrawn. In order for machines to operate more independently (which is required for our society to advance) they will need a protocol to talk on and exchange value with one another securely & autonomously. We promised not to get technical so we'll end by saying this one fact: In 2018 alone, IOTA partnered with Bosch, Fujitsu, and Volkswagen. This is definitely a currency worth knowing.

Fantastic Projects

  • Bitcoin | The first ones to the table. Universally recognized.
  • Ethereum | The 2nd generation crypto. Decentralized applications.
  • Ripple | Caters to financial institutions.
  • Stellar | Partnership with IBM.
  • Monero | Privacy.
  • Neo | China.
  • VeChain | Supply chain management.

Noteworthy Projects

  • Waltonchain | Essentially the North American version of VeChain.
  • Nano | Fast & zero fees. Focuses on peer to peer transactions.
  • Monaco | Bridging the gap between credit cards and crypto.
  • Enjin | Integrating blockchain technology with video games. Gives players true ownership over their virtual items.
  • Basic Attention Token | A world without ads and the user is instead compensated for browsing the web.